First Steps Introduction to Handguns & Handgun Basics

The first steps training class at GunCo Arms will teach you the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for properly owning and using a handgun safely. This course has been designed to cater a small group setting with a professional instructor. This way, an agenda is not required and the instructor can either focus specifically on a subject or add other basics as required by the student's understanding and knowledge.

Subjects Covered:

  • Handgun knowledge and safe handling
  • Ammunition knowledge
  • Fundamentals of handgun shooting
  • Laser range and actual range shooting
  • Eye and ear protection, guns and targets
  • If you have little, to no, knowledge of handguns, this training course is designed for you, or if you just need a good refresher course after years out of practice. The first hour of the class will be spent in the classroom discussing the different types of handguns and ammunition and how to handle them safely, as well as the fundamentals of handgun shooting.

    The second hour will be spent at the range shooting with a variety of different guns, chosen by the instructor to best accomodate the shooter. The basics of stance, sight picture, and trigger control are emphasized to maximize success the first time out. Once you complete the class, the shooter will be able to safely use the range solo.

    Required Equipment

    50 rounds of ammunition. The price does not include the required ammunition you'll need, but can be selected based on the student's preference during the course. Note: The ammunition can be purchased for the range shooting portion of the course.