We like to provide our customers a wide range of options for guns and ammunition. This extends to offering the choice of smokeless gunpowder. Smokeless gunpowder provides the discerning gunowner many advantages.

Smokeless gunpowder refers to propellants utilized for firearms and artillery. With smokeless gunpowder, there is only a small amount of smoke when fired, a very different effect from black powder. The "wear and tear" on your favorite firearm can be reduced over time by going with this option. 

"Smokeless" refers to the fact that the combustion products are primarily gaseous, as opposed to the solid - and potentially harmful to your gun - products that largely make up black powder. Smokeless powder does not translate to no smoke at all; simply just reduced smoke.

The advent of smokeless gunpowder gave way to the manufacturing of better options for modern semi and fully automatic firearms. Black powder can generate a difficult fouling that is capable of rusting the barrel of a gun. The fouling left by smokeless powder allows you to mostly avoid this problem.

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