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Pump action shotguns can be pumped back and forth by the handgrip to eject a spent round of ammo and to chamber a new round. It does not require removing the trigger to reload, making the firearm quick and efficient. These shotguns have short barrels and barrel chokes (if any at all) so that it is easier to move around tight spaces. The barrel lengths vary in order to ensure the legality and accommodate larger magazine capacities.

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Lever action shotguns use a lever that is usually positioned around the trigger guard, to automatically reload new cartridges into the chamber of the barrel by activating the lever. This is different from bolt action, semi-automatic, or selective fire weapons. Most lever-action firearms are rifles, but we are proud to offer you select lever action shotguns, as well.

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Single-shot shotguns require you to reload a new cartridge after each shot fired. Single-shot designs are less complex than revolvers or magazine-fed firearms. Many single-shot designs are still produced by many manufacturers, in both cartridge- and non-cartridge varieties, from zip guns to the highest-quality shooting-match weapons.

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Semi-automatic shotguns automatically reload new cartridges after firing with the trigger. You don't even have to chamber a new round of cartridges because the shotgun uses force from the gas to drive the wadding that forces the shot down the barrel. It also works by ejecting the empty shell and reloading new rounds after the cycled action. This is a multi-faceted option that provides amazing functionality and versatility.

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Over and under shotguns are known to be the ultimate reliable shotgun with its famous simplicity and easy maintenance. An over/under is a double barrel shotgun with the barrels one on top of another vertically. The other type of two-barrel shotgun is the side-by-side, which has the two barrels horizontally next to each other instead of one on top of the other. Over-and-under shotguns are considered by many to have distinct technical advantages to other guns. A few advantages that are cited are the following: the single sighting plane, the stiffness of barrels, and good control over recoil.

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The Side-by-Side shotgun has the two barrels horizontally side-by-side, as opposed to one on top of the other. This gun is known for having good handling and performance. We even carry highly collectable ones.

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Very popular for hunting and target shooting, the bolt action gun is a type of shotgun in which the bolt is operated manually by the opening and closing of the breech (barrel) with a small handle, usually found on the right-hand side of the weapon. When the handle is operated, the bolt unlocks, the breech opens, the spent cartridge case is withdrawn and ejected, the firing pin is cocked, and a new round/cartridge is usually placed into the breech and the bolt closes. Check out the variety of bolt action choices we have!


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