Looking for the perfect rifle to add to your collection? Or are you in need of a rifle in time for your next hunting trip? We've got the finest selection of rifles around -- we carry semi-automatics, single shots, revolvers and everything in between. All our rifles are made from the finest materials and, with proper care, can last you for years to come.

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Semi-automatic rifles fire a single round of shots each time the trigger is pulled and use gas, blowforward, blowback, or recoil to automatically eject the spent cartridge after the round has traveled down the barrel, chambers a new cartridge from its magazine, and resets the action, enabling another round of shots to be fired once the trigger has been enabled again.

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Bolt action rifles are manually operated so that the barrel opens and closes with a small handle that is usually positioned on the right side of the rifle. When operating the handle, the bolt will unlock and open the breech and the spent cartridge case will be ejected. The firing pin becomes cocked and a new round/cartridge will be placed into the breech as the bolt closes. These rifles can be assembled or disassembled very quickly and they are popular for target shooting and hunting.

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Lever action rifles use a lever to reload new cartridges into the chamber of the barrel when the lever around the trigger guard is activated. Although this implies that the rifle is a repeating firearm, there are some single-shot and other varieties of the lever action rifle.

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Pump action rifles have the ability to be pumped back and forth by the handgrip so that a round of ammunition is ejected and then chambers a new round. The rifle's pump action technique can be compared to that of airsoft guns, and they are typically faster than other types of rifles.

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A combination gun, or a "combo," is a break-action hunting firearm that conveniently includes at least two barrels, with at least one rifle barrel and one shotgun barrel. Combination guns that utilize one rifle and one shotgun barrel are usually found in an over and under configuration. True versatility and adaptability are discovered in this gun.

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Single-shot rifles hold a single round of ammunition and require manual reloading after each shot fired. These rifles are preferred mostly by hunters. This gun offers the benefit of simplicity that cannot be achieved from a repeating rifle. This gun carries with it the mystique of bravado, for one must be a really good shot to achieve mastery of this gun. Make every shot count with this one.

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When accuracy and precision are essential, tactical rifles are perfect for long range shooting or even military use. Tactical rifles are built to be highly accurate and rugged. They maintain their accuracy while handling wear and tear well.

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The receiver is the part of a firearm that contains the operating parts. The receiver is the actual firearm according to U.S. law, though general interpretation views the receiver as the part of the firearm upon which the serial number is placed. We have a variety of lower receivers to suit your needs for your firearms.

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Black powder rifles, sometimes known as buffalo rifles, are single-shot firearms that use explosive fixed black powder cartridges. Despite the manual reloading time required, these rifles can launch heavy materials at a low velocity and they're great for shooting long-range shots.

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Revolver rifles have been developed with a variety of calibers and barrel lengths, for repetitive firing. Revolving rifles originated with the interest in increasing the rate of fire of rifles by combining them with the revolving firing mechanism for which revolving pistols were known.


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