The Safariland Mid-Ride Level II SLS Duty Holster

In the United States, more and more cities are allowing their citizens to open carry their firearms, and, as part of being a responsible owner, it is expected that those who participate will follow the law with respect. For some professions, like the police, they are required to conceal their weapons. Not only does it make them visually approachable, but in some cases, where they need to be undercover, hiding their guns will keep them inconspicuous from the target’s eye. Those who are not inclined in this line of work, however, are often seen carrying their guns with a sling or inserting them in their pockets, and this can become quite uncomfortable. After all, the primary functions for these weapons are for protection, hunting, and self-defense; and, with so much importance placed on these weapons, it is only right that handlers should use them correctly and safely.

With the help of the right accessory, and parts and gear, you can look like a professional and access your weapons with ease. Now, there are numerous types of extensions you can purchase, but if your handgun is in need of a snug and close fit, then give Safariland’s Mid-Red Level II SLS Duty Holster a try!

The 6280 model holster is the base model for all of Safariland’s Self Locking System (SLS™) series of holsters. With its unique rotating hood design, no snap, and Universal Belt Loop – which you can choose between a 2” or 2.25” Duty Belt – it allows you to draw your weapon with a smooth single-motion and prevent attempted weapon theft and takeaways.

Safariland mid-ride-level-ii-sls-duty-holster

  • UPC Code: 781603068016 
  • Present Hazardous Material: None
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 6280-53-82
  • Country of Origin: MEXICO ~MEX
  • Weight: 1.00
  • Finish Basket Weave
  • Gun Fit: AMT Hardballer (5” bbl)





We, at GunCO Arms, have always set the bar for customer satisfaction, and giving our clients the best line of firearms available. We are happy to announce that the Safariland Mid-Level II Duty Holster is now available in our stores. Interested parties may reach us by dialing: 940-341-2501 or visit our contact page here to know more about our gun related products.