Sig Sauer® Pistols Now Available in GunCo Arms

Pistols are the go-to firearms when you are in a tight pinch. Because of their compact size, they are easier to draw out and shoot at close range. Though most pistols operate in the same manner, there is a big difference if you are holding a pistol that is from the Sig Sauer® line.

Sig Sauer® is world famous for its law enforcement firearms, but it also provides attractive options to commercial users as well. With a high-performing and unmatched weapon strapped on your holster, you can be sure that protecting your neighborhood will be easier.  

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GunCo Arms is honored and proud to have Sig Sauer® pistols on our shelves. There is no better feeling than holding a premier firearm in your hands, regardless if you’re in the law enforcement or a gun enthusiast.

Sig Sauer® has also given us the opportunity to distribute other exclusive products. Contact GunCo Arms at 940-341-2501 if you are interested in our handgunsshotgunsrifles, and the like. You can also reach us to check the availability of our Sig Sauer® products. We will also answer any questions regarding our weapons and tactical gear.

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