P320, .45 ACP, 4.7in, Nitron, BLK, DAO, Contrast Sights, Modular Polymer Grip, (3) 10rd Steel Mag, Rail


Enjoy heightened accuracy with the P320’s smooth, crisp trigger pull paired with a short tactile reset.


Not only does the P320 feature Striker and Disconnect Safeties. This pistol also features a Three-Point Takedown Safety that requires you to remove the magazine, lock the slide to rear, and finally rotate a take-down lever for disassembly. This guarantees the shooter’s safety yet eliminates the need for any trigger manipulation or the use of tools for takedowns.


Switch calibers, sizes, and fit without issue thanks to the P320’s unique design. You’re free to fire what you want, quickly and easily. Other than .45 ACP, you can also opt for 9mm, .357 SIG, and .40 S&W calibers. For grip sizes, you can go for small, medium, or large.

With the options to change calibers and pistol size, to customizing the fit of the grip, it’s no surprise that the P320 is considered the best adaptable pistol in the market today.


It’s not only safety and adaptability that the P320 can brag about. This pistol also has a serialized, stainless steel frame, plus full-length steel slide rails paired with a steel magazine. It also features a double-action, striker-fired operating system and SIGLITE® Night Sights or Contrast Sights. Finally, the P320 also boasts an integral M1913 accessory rail on full, compact, or carry for all grip sizes; and subcompact for the medium grip size only.

P320, .45 ACP, 4.7in, Nitron, BLK, DAO, Contrast Sights, Modular Polymer Grip, (3) 10rd Steel Mag, Rail

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UPC: 798681523467

Manufacturer: Sig Sauer (SLED) First Responders ONLY! See Qualifying Requirements Below and Store Policies on tab above.

Purchase of this firearm is restricted to the following qualified individuals:

  • Law enforcement personnel, on active duty or retired, with official agency credentials
  • Court officers or bailiffs with official documentation or agency credentials
  • Coroners at state, county, or city levels with official agency credentials or documentation
  • Credentialed first responders with official documentation
  • Military personnel on active duty with proper active duty identification
  • Retired military personnel with proper retired military identification
  • Reservists on active duty with military identification
  • National Guard personnel on active duty with military identification
  • Current NRA-certified firearms instructors with valid training certificate

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