Firearms and Accessories for Security Agencies in Texas

Security guard working

Protecting the lives of every person in this country is not a laughing matter. From the officers who keep the streets safe at night, to the military fighting far from the shores, these dedicated women and men put their lives on the line to keep civilians and families safe, and in order to do this they have trained both their body and mind for even the most dangerous of situations, learning how to wield their weapons to become an extension of themselves, as well as their first line of defense.

In the United States, there are a lot of associations, establishments, and the like that have found the usefulness of firearms, with security agencies being one of the many. Supplying clients with individuals who are ready to serve those who need protection, is not only a rewarding profession, but an honorable one, as well; and just like the people who risk their well-being for others, security agency personnel need to be equipped and ready, as well.

Without the proper tools of the trade, there is a big chance that both the agents and the people they are serving will be in harm’s way – facing dreadful consequences. The best thing to do is to give your employees reliable and heavy duty weapons, which we, at GunCo Arms, can and will provide. We are a SIG SAUER® distributor, so you can guarantee that we have the most high-quality and reliable products available.

Our company has been delivering top-of-the-line firearms, including SIG SAUER®, for a long time and is still going above and beyond to satisfy our clients. We understand the importance of perfect weapons, and with our varied customers with varying interests, you are assured that there are plenty of guns and gun-related items to go around. We offer handguns, shotguns, and rifles galore, and even provide various parts and gear to outfit your existing arsenal, so give us a call at: 940-341-2501 or visit our contact page to learn more!