Firearms and Accessories for Officers in Texas

officer holding a gun

When it comes to the citizens’ safety, no force is as powerful as the police officers. Stationed in either public places (e.g. malls, parks, and city streets) or in privately owned properties (e.g. office buildings), people can relax and take it easy when they know that there is security and protection amidst their presence. Though those working in the police force need to be both physically and mentally fit to perform their duty without any problem, their aim must be sure, and true, as well.

One of the major indicators that an officer is on the job is their firearm of choice. Sniffing out crime and hunting down criminals and harmful persons was never an easy task to begin with; thus, having a reliable weapon in tow will lessen the pressure of capturing difficult suspects. That is why we, at GunCo Arms, are proud and honored to supply officers with the best kinds of firearms available here, in the great state of Texas.

We understand the wants and needs of even the simplest of all gun enthusiasts, and it is because of this fact that our company has been delivering the best firearms to our clients. With Sig Sauer guns and ammo, as well as a wide selection of other weapons in our store, officers can have an arsenal equipped and ready for any dire situation.  Need something small and easy to draw? Why not check out our selection of fine handguns and keep one easily tucked right by your side. For a little bit more power in your hands, you can choose any of our available shotguns – ranging from pump action to bolt action. You can even fashion your weapons with the right parts and gears and purchase second hand guns, so give us a call at: 940-341-2501 or visit our contact site for more gun-related items, information, and the like.


SIG SAUER® Distributor

SIG SAUER® firearms are the weapons of choice for law enforcement, global military and commercial users because of their high quality reliability and unmatched performance. SIG SAUER® products also continue to beat out any competitors for their design and innovation. Which is also why we offer SIG SAUER guns and ammunition through GunCo Arms!