Case Knives are popular high-quality collections of various hand-crafted pocket knives, sporting and hunting knives, and collectibles. These knives are specially designed and made from only the finest and genuine materials possible. W.R. Case & Sons is an American manufacturer of only premium, hand-crafted knives that are typically passed down from previous generations because of their exclusive design and materials.

At GunCo Arms, we stock a large inventory of Case knives in store and through our online catalog, and we cover a wide range of product categories. From sporting knives to traditional pocket knives, we have just about any Case knife that captures your interest. We also have limited edition and commemorative Case knives available for collectors.

Since Case is such a popular brand, many replicas have been sold, but we only stock authentic Case knives. You will know the authenticity of each knife by its unique Case stamp. Not only do Case knives have unique stamps for authenticity and type of steel, they also have carefully designed handles made only from genuine materials like Brazilian cattle bone, stag antler, buffalo horn, mother-of-pearl, exotic woods and stones. Our knives may also have brass, nickel, and silver elements to highlight each knife's durability and design. Many Case knives also increase in value over time because they are highly sought after by collectors.

Why Case Knives are the Industry Best

  • Made in United States
  • Hand-crafted by skilled artisans and cutlers
  • Each knife goes through 160 manufacturing processes before completion
  • Tested XX symbolizing the Case quality commitment by tempering and testing each knife not once (X), but twice (XX)
  • The most collectible knives in the world with over 19,000 members in the Case Collectors Club
  • Premium knives made to resemble valuable treasures
  • Over a century of experience making premium pocketknives
  • Case Collectibles

    The entire Case collection has become a favorite among knife collectors. Some of the reasons they are highly sought after by collectors include Case's rich heritage, high quality, and the variety of knives and the unique designs and limited editions that they come in. Case also includes a unique numbering system on each knife so that you know that it is an authentic Case knife and so that you can determine exactly what kind of knife it is and identify the materials used to make it.

    Each Case knife has a pattern number stamped on the tang of each blade, that tells you exactly what kind of knife you have. The first number indicates the type of material used to make the handle, the second digit gives the number of blades, and the last two or more numbers indicate the factory pattern number. Hundreds of different patterns have been used to create Case knives throughout the years, so some collectors rely on the numbering system to find the true value of each particular Case knife.