If you are the type of firearm enthusiast who has an eye for high-quality weapons, then you should check out our selection of Kimber handguns and rifles. Kimber is an American company that is known for creating fine sporting firearms with highly customizable options.

the .45 caliber kimber, customer II, two tone


Quality is the true measure of value, and on the strength of quality, Kimber has become the world's largest producer of Kimber handguns. Combine Kimber performance and popular License to Carry features into an extraordinary package and see for yourself why Kimber is America's best choice.

a kimber bolt action hunting rifle


Kimber rifles have high-quality features that set them apart from any other brand. Barrels, chambers and triggers hold critical match grade dimensions for accuracy. Pillar and glass bedding ensures accuracy and strength. Walnut stocks are finished and checkered by hand, and Kevlar-carbon fiber stocks are the finest available. Kimber rifles are favored by many of the world's most accomplished hunters and shooters, and limited production keeps people standing in line to buy them.


Interested clients can contact Gun Co. Arms if you have any questions or concerns about our Kimber weapons. Give us a call at 940-341-2501. Our office is located in Wichita Falls, Texas.