Basic Pistol Training Class

Basic Pistol Training Class

This is an introduction to pistol class covering safety and proper handling and use of a pistol.

Course Description:

The Basic Pistol Training Class is approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours and includes classroom instruction, targets and shooting range time.

Course Requirements:

  • A pistol – you can either bring your own pistol or rent a pistol here for $5 (we have over 100 different pistols to choose from).
  • 50 rounds of ammunition – If you bring your own firearm we want you to use our ammunition.  If you rent one of our firearms we want you to use our ammunition.
  • Ear and eye protection – you can either bring your own ear and eye protection or you can buy some here (we have a very inexpensive set of ear and eye protection).
  • State ID
  • A willingness to learn

Key Concepts:

  • Firearm Safety
  • How to operate your firearm
  • How to load your magazine
  • How to operate the slide or cylinder
  • How to operate the safety, if your firearm has a safety
  • Shooting fundamentals which include:
    • Proper stance
    • Proper grip
    • Sight picture
    • Trigger pull
    • Breath Control

Taught by: NRA Certified Range Safety Officers

Facility: GunCo Arms

Seats are limited

Price: $100.00

* If you are taking this class to prepare for your LTC we highly recommend you bring the firearm you will shoot during your LTC qualification to train with.

** You must be at least 18 years old to take this class or have a parent or guardian present in the classroom and on the shooting range.

Contact us at 940-341-2501 or check our calendar to see a full list of availability.