Indoor Gun Range in Wichita Falls, Texas

Mobile Gun Range in Wichita Falls, Texa

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GunCo Arms LLC is having a grand opening for a new Mobile Indoor Gun Range that provides a cost-effective option for traditional live-fire shooting for customers in the Wichita Falls, Texas area.

GunCo Arms uses Mobile Range Technologies 40’ container firing ranges (CFR) and 40’ mobile trailer firing ranges (MTFR) for our live-fire shooters. The ranges include advanced-scenario-based target retrieval systems and fully integrated firearms simulators. This enables shooters to use non-recoil, air recoil, and live-fire to engage every level of customer, from beginner to advanced marksman.

Each customer gets a private range (suite) that is equipped with 2 lanes. Each lane has a fold-down shelf, a safety partition between shooters, lane-and-target lighting, plus a swingout tactical training wall (known as the MRT Gate). Each suite allows up to 4 shooters/spectators at a time for one low price.

The ranges use state-of-the-art air handling systems. Each system uses 100% fresh air that comes from the airwall behind the shooter. The air passes through the range and is exhausted outside. This almost eliminates any chance of breathing contaminants that result from firing a weapon.

Each suite has sound-dampening rubber to enhance your shooting experience, as well as live remote camera monitoring for safety purposes. A two-way intercom system provides communications to the staff at GunCo Arms. Come and shoot with us and see why we say, "There’s no better, safer or more fun way to shoot -- period."

If you want to learn more about out our indoor gun range in Wichita Falls, contact us at 940-341-2501 today!

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