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Picture of a Guncoarms Revolvers


A multi-shot handgun with a revolving cylinder containing multiple chambers. The cylinder works by rotating to align each chamber with the cylinder for firing, without having to reload the handgun each time it is fired. The vast majority of revolvers are not pistols, because the chambers contained within the cylinder are separate from the gun's barrel. The revolvers that do contain multiple barrels in the cylinder are usually referred to as pepperboxes.

Picture of a Guncoarms Semi-Automatic Handguns


These handguns automatically reload by using the energy from fired cartridges to cycle the action of the gun and to position the next cartridge into place for firing. After firing, the spent casing is ejected and the magazine loads a new round into the chamber so that another shot can be fired once the trigger is pulled. Enthusiasts enjoy the versatility and functionality of these guns.

Picture of a Guncoarms Lever Action Handguns


The popular hunting and sport shooting firearm, also known as Mare's Leg, is a modified version of the lever action rifle but can be fired with the same swift speed. The term "mare's leg" was introduced in 1957 in the television series Trackdown, in which Steve McQueen starred as a bounty hunter. This repeating handgun uses a lever located around the trigger guard to reload new cartridges into the chamber of the barrel. Customers report the unique ease-of-use of this popular gun.

Picture of a Guncoarms Derringer Handguns


The palm sized pistol is one of the smallest usable handguns with a trigger guard. These handguns are popularly used by women due to their compact size and the ease of carrying and concealing it in a purse, just in case self-defense becomes necessary. It's portable, but powerful!

Picture of a Guncoarms Single Shot Handguns


These original firearms require reloading once the handgun is shot because they hold only one round of ammunition. Many single-shot handguns are produced by manufacturers in a variety of designs and they tend to be less complex than other firearms, containing only one cartridge at any given time and no magazine. For simplicity and ease-of-use, the Single Shot is a logical choice for many.

Picture of a Guncoarms Black Powder Handguns


Black powder firearms usually include firearms with a matchlock, flintlock, percussion cap or some comparable ignition system. Gun owners fascinated with history gravitate to black powder guns; think of guns from 1898, or older! Black powder also includes any replica of this type of firearm, provided the replica is not designed or redesigned to implement rimfire, or conventional centerfire fixed ammunition. A muzzleloading handgun that does not use fixed ammunition can be designed to use blackpowder, a blackpowder substitute, or any other propellant. When you hear "black powder," you are considering a handgun with lots of history.


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