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Pre-Owned But Still Owning: Why Purchase a Used Gun Instead of a New One?

Like most used items, pre-owned guns also get a raw deal. Beginner to intermediate gun enthusiasts almost always buy new to avoid inheriting the past owner’s problems. The more experienced gun aficionados often go for used guns because they find intangible value in older firearms. It’s not strange considering that buying used gives you the following advantages:

Used guns offer smooth firing action. Gun lovers attest to the smooth firing experience that a used gun provides. A “broken-in” gun’s components aren’t as tightly pieced together as a newer model’s and therefore provides gentler recoil.

Used guns are cost-effective. Experienced buyers maintain that used guns are a good deal. A brand-new Remington Model 7 Predator 243 costs around 1,600$. Some buyers would sell their units for 650$ – 700$. The cost savings are obvious and if you’re discerning enough, you might end up buying a used gun or rifle that has only been shot 20 times.

Used guns are classics worth collecting. The imaginations of gun collectors are often set ablaze with the possible stories of their used guns. Was the Smith&Wesson piece I bought yesterday used to defend someone? Did this Glock take a life?

Since certain gun models have been discontinued, fans of these models continue their affair with these guns by buying them from re-sellers. Collectors also remark that older guns are beautifully crafted than newer guns. Older guns were handmade and involved a level of artistry from the gunsmith. Guns these days are mostly made by machines.

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