Gun Holsters 101: Understanding the Types of Holsters

belt holsterYour gun should only be in your hands when you’re cleaning it, you’re practicing with it, or you’re defending yourself with it. When your firearm is not in active use, it needs to be kept in a gun safe, but if you’re living in a state that allows Concealed Weapons (CCW), you can keep it in a holster.

Your gun may be an awesome piece of hardware but it can be unwieldy and uncomfortable without a proper place to conceal it. You can choose from the following types of holsters if you’re in the market for one:

The Belt Holster

The belt holster is the most common type of holster out there. It can attach to your belt via a paddle. Pancake type holsters have slots which allow you to run a belt through them. As you can probably imagine, this slotted type of holster does not fall from your belt and is therefore more reliable than a paddle type when your opponent attempts to wrestle you or wrest the gun away from you.

Inside the Waistband Holster (IWB)

IWB holsters offer more concealment than belt holsters since you can safely tuck them inside your pants and underneath your shirt. These holsters use J-hooks, clips, and loops to connect to your belt. Since the gun is kept closer to your body through this kind of holster, it will be twice as difficult to remove the firearm from your person.

Pocket Holster

Pocket holsters allow you to fit a gun into your pocket and keep it positioned upright for easier drawing. What’s great about a pocket carry is its ability to make you appear casual and ordinary even though you are packing some heat. Other holsters make it obvious that you’re drawing a gun. Pulling out your pistol from a pocket carry can deceive a mugger into thinking that you’re just going for your wallet.

Shoulder Holster

A shoulder holster uses loops and straps in order keep your firearm at your side. Shoulder holsters are great if you want the weight of the gun distributed to your upper body. People with back problems prefer these holsters because of this fact. Shoulder holsters can be worn instantly which greatly increases response time. A person who hears a possible home invasion or burglary can just wear the shoulder holster with the gun and be instantly prepared for the attacker.

Fanny Pack

A fanny pack provides superior comfort while looking casual. Normal holsters cannot easily be mixed and matched with clothing but fanny packs appear more like accessories than weapon concealers. Fanny packs also protect guns from the elements thanks to their resistant material.

Ankle Holster

People who work in fields that require close contact with people prefer to use ankle holsters. Ankle holsters conceal well since no one really bothers to look down at another person’s ankles when talking to them. If you’re in sales, a bulge in your pocket or by your belt will deter you from closing deals. When it is difficult to conceal a gun in your upper body or your waist, ankle holsters are the way to go.

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