The Different Types of Equipment in SIG SAUER® 

When living a gun enthusiast’s lifestyle, you know that having various kinds of guns, knives, and tactical equipment is not all just for show. Purchasing these items is just one of the many ways to perfect your firing, hunting, and other survival skills. To become an adaptable and versatile hunter, it is in within your skillset that you must be ready for any kind of situation with any type of weapon; and it is because of this kind of mentality that you are brought closer to the ranks of the professionals. Finding the right equipment to fit you, the outdoor elements, and specific circumstances can be tricky, especially when you want to purchase high quality, branded items you can trust.

Luckily, for gun owners who live in the southern portion of The United States, we, at GunCO Arms, are proud and happy to announce that we have become official distributors of SIG SAUER® Law Enforcement guns and equipment!

SIG SAUER® is a world renowned firearms distributor, and the third largest here in The United States. Sig Sauer is the most popular choice amongst premier global military, law enforcement, and commercial users, and is rightfully so because of their high quality and reliable, A grade equipment.

Types of Products Available in Sig Sauer®


One of the reasons of Sig Sauer’s® big success is their pistols. Now, what makes their pistols different from the rest is its hard-earned reputation and perfect fit. When you hold this weapon between your hands, you are
aSig Sauer Pistollways certain that each shot will be as smooth and sleek like its design. Some of their next generation equipment includes:

> P220

> P227

> P938

> X Series

> 1911 Traditional Models


Not lagging behind their pistols, Sig Sauer’s® exceptional line of rifles are gaining a fast reputation because of its revolutionary design that makes this gun not only reliable, but also, accurate with each shot. There are three distinct lines of riles – each created with specific objectives, to satisfy every kind of hunter, target shooter, or collector. Some of the rifles included in their line are:

Sig Sauer Rifle> SIG MCX

> SIG16

> SIGM400

> SIG716

> SIG556xi

 State Compliant Products

State compliant gun by Sig SauerNow, if you are looking to handle a gun that fits you line of work, SIG SAUER® has got you covered. As long as you follow your state and local firearms, you can
own a compliant version of your favorite pistol or rifle. Some of these products include:

> California Compliant Pistols

> MA Compliant Pistols

> CO, Il, HI & MD Compliant Rifles


 SIG Silencers

Firing at your target, without compromising your position, is one of the best tactics you can use while you are out on the field. Now, to compliment the firing prowess of your SIG equipment, it must need a proper SIG SAUER® silencer to go with it.

> Rifles

> Pistols

> Rim Fire




Other SIG SAUER® Merchandise

To show how much you appreciate their line of products, SIG SAUER® also offers an array of merchandise which can be useful during your hunting trips or just to
show off to your other gun enthusiast friends.

Sig Sauer Bag> Apparel

> Gear

> Magazines

> Parts

> Swag




If you are interested in purchasing any of the Sig Sauer products and live in the surrounding areas of Wichita Falls, Texas, contact GunCo Arms at: 940-341-2501 or visit us here, and we will make sure that the perfect gun will be in your hands!