Wild turkeys in spring season

Turkey Season Opens: Here’s What You Need to Know


April’s here and outdoorsmen in Texas know what that means: turkey season is in full swing! For the next 30 days, most big, wild gobblers (and hens) in the Lone Star State can be hunted as long as regulations are followed.

The usual bag limit of four prescribed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will apply. Due to the struggling Eastern turkey population, only one of those four may be Eastern. If you’re hunting in Bastrop, Caldwell, Colorado, Fayette, Jackson, Lavaca, Lee and Milam counties, the limit of Rio Grande turkey is one per hunter.

As with most other states in America, you will be required to have a license to hunt turkey in Texas. These licenses may be purchased online, in Texas Parks and Wildlife Department offices, in sporting goods shops, gun shops and over the phone. Permitted hunting equipment will include shotguns and sanctioned archery gear. No baiting of any form is allowed.

If you’re relatively new to turkey hunting, the National Wild Turkey Federation has an excellent library of resources that will give you in-depth advice every step of the way. This includes excellent and expert advice for how to get ready, what to do during the hunt and what to do in the aftermath of a successful trip. One of the most useful resources is the turkey hunter’s checklist that you can find here.

If you haven’t made up your mind on which guns to use, the Remington 870, Winchester Super X Pump Black Shadow and the Browning A5 are popular choices. Just make sure to check with local regulations to make sure your hunting equipment is permitted under local law.

If you don’t have years of hunting experience, it’s always a good idea to go with someone who can show you the ropes. Nothing beats an experienced mentor when you’re trying to learn everything from proper gear preparation, doing turkey calls and handling your weapon responsibly.

Enjoy the great weather and happy hunting!