shooting a 9mm at a range

The Top 9mm Handguns for Self-Defense

Nothing beats a 9mm in terms of versatility and cost-effectiveness. For as little as $500, you can get power, smooth recoil, cheap high-velocity ammo, in a lightweight concealable package. Guns of this caliber are perfect for self-defense, but not all 9mms are equal. Here is a list of top 9mm handguns in the market right now:

Baby Desert Eagle II BE9915R: Desert Eagle lovers will find this gun worthy to bear the name of the line with its smooth exterior and clean utilitarian look. It is craftsmanship you can feel with your hands. Although the gun comes in at 41 ounces, it handles well and the recoil is pretty smooth – so smooth that it can practically be an ideal gun for a beginner. It may look unwieldy but you’ll know that this gun is a keeper when you feel it shoot.

Beretta BU9 Nano: The Berretta BU9 looks like a mini Glock and shoots like one – it encounters FTEs on underpowered ammo. Its short handle will have people with large hands struggling for more to hold but it is a perfect concealed carry weapon. It is also sturdily built and performs without a hitch after a disassembly and a torture test with oil.

CZ-75 SP-01: The SP-01 is a hefty handgun which boasts a lack of recoil and performance unhitched by any sort of malfunction despite the various arrays of bullets you use for it. Gun owners will surely enjoy the light rail, the amped-up beavertail, and the upgraded grip.

EAA Witness Elite Match:  Made all of steel from frame to slide, the Witness feels solid in your hand. Despite the build, it has one of the lightest recoils among 9mms in the market today. Its 18 round magazine is also one of the sleekest, hardly calls to itself as the handle is so thin and comfortable to hold.

GLOCK 17 Gen 4: The Gen 4 brings what gun aficionados love about the Glock into one nifty 9mm package and adds little tweaks to an already solid assemblage. A dual coil assembly assures minimal recoil while the rough texture frame eliminates slippage. Overall, the Glock is a pretty solid pistol to own

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9: This concealed carry is only .95” wide and its petite frame makes it a perfect gun for people with slightly smaller hands. Fans of the brand will be glad to know that although the Shield 9 may come in a small package but it does not lack for power.

Springfield Armory XD-S 3.3: With an all-terrain grip and a comfortable yet aggressive grip that takes into account the grooves of your hand, the XDS is a feel-good handgun with flawless recoil and respectable firepower. What's not to like? 

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