The Different Types of Hunting Knives

Since the dawn of mankind, everything and everyone evolves. In the beginning was the stone wheel, and now, we have cars. Before, currency used to be trading raw materials or seashells, and now, currency has become the coins and paper bills we know of today. Even in hunting, we have evolved from using spears and stone tipped arrows, to the guns and knives we have today. Though the objectives of hunting have not really changed, the skills, technology, and the strategies, have.

It is easier to bring home a kill than it was ever before, thanks to modern technology; because of this, people expect that the equipment they use is fast, efficient, and durable. That is why it is wise to know the inner and outer makings of hunting equipment.

What Makes a Good Knife?

a hunting knife setWhen it comes to knives, you want one that is made of one solid steel. That means that the knife and the handle are made of one continuous piece of steel. This design is called a full tang design; a knife of this design is strong and unbreakable, if it is handled properly.

Next, you have to pay attention to the steel of the knife. There are three types of steel when it comes to creating a knife:

Carbon – Cheaper, easy to sharpen, and very durable, but prone to rusting.

Stainless Steel – Does not require as much attention as the carbon knife.

Carbon Stainless Steel – A little bit harder to sharpen than carbon, but knives made from this material gets the best of both carbon and stainless steel.

Lastly, the handle must be comfortable in your grip. A knife that is snug in your hand will reduce the chances of slipping out of your hands. Pick handles that are made of synthetic material, because it does not deteriorate as fast as leather and it is not as slippery as bone or wooden handles.

Different Types of Knives

Now that you know what makes a good knife, it is time to choose between two options: Fixed and Folding.

Fixed Knives

Like what the name suggests, fixed blades keep their shape. They are easier to clean because they have no moving parts. It is stronger and good for heavy-duty work; therefore, it is more durable and reliable. However, because of its size, they must be carried in a sheath at all times.

Foldable Knives

A Foldable knife is compact; making it easier to carry around and safe to transport. Its mechanism allows convenient one-handed opening; which makes it a good choice for hunters who want a knife for everyday use. The foldable knife, however, is not as strong as fixed blade knives, and it is difficult to clean because blood and tissue tend to collect on the blade channel.

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