The Difference between a Semi-Auto and a Subcompact Pistol

A photo of a Glock pistol

Bringing the correct type of firearm, when you are on the field or on a hunt, will affect your overall shooting experience. It is within your knowledge that if the gun you are holding does not sit right on your hand, terrain, situation, and targets, it is more likely that you will be generating more misses than hits. Since there are numerous firearm and hunting enthusiasts in the United States, most gun stores provide every type of gun from shotguns, rifles, and the like; but among all the choices, the most popular and widely used firearm is the pistol.

Pistols are firearms that are designed to be fired and held in one hand, and since it is easier to carry, and lightweight, the majority of the police force have them holstered, so that in any event of a crime, they can immediately grab their weapon and apprehend the suspect. However, picking the right kind of pistol to handle the job can be tricky – especially when you have two types to choose from.

Semi-Auto Pistol

The semi-automatic pistol, also known as the automatic pistol, self-loading pistol, autopistol, and autoloading pistol, utilizes the energy of the first shot to setup the next bullet in the chamber. After a whole round has been used, the spent casing is ejected and a new magazine is loaded into the chamber. This allows the user to fire another shot once s/he has pulled the trigger. Its recoil operation automatically extracts and ejects the used shell casing and immediately reloads the chamber.

This fraction of a second reload time makes it beneficial for gun operators, who need to think on their feet and may face possible situations that need to be dealt with quickly and safely.

When it comes to this kind of pistol, you must remember that the first round must be loaded manually by racking the slide or racking the gun. To do this, you need to pull back and release the slide mechanism. 

Subcompact Pistol

Now, although these types of pistols do operate like the semi-automatic ones, they are much smaller and lighter. These design features give them a greater advantage when it comes to covert operations. Because of its size, it will be easier to conceal and much faster to pull out. Also, since it is not as heavy as a semi-automatic pistol, you will not have to worry about acquiring occupational hazards and carry it all the more.

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