tactical scoped rifle

Tactical Firearms: Accuracy and Precision Guaranteed

When lives are on the line and the outcome of the operation rests on the slightest of advantages like quick target acquisition or the easy, manageable recoil of the weapon, a tactical fiream can spell the difference safety or death. More than just long, black toys outfitted with rails, tactical guns are weapons that help military and elite law enforcement personnel proactively defend themselves during a dangerous engagement.

Many gun owners and people serving in uniforms say that tactical is a mindset and that tactical guns are just a mere marketing ploy to part the unknowing and the overly-enthusiastic from their money. But not all situations are equal. The shifting realities of an operation require a versatile weapon with the following traits:


According to 1994 - 2000  NYPD Hit Ratios by Distance in Gunfights, Other Shootings vs. Perpertrator and Against Dogs statistics, officers of the NYPD have decreasing hit ratios the farther the targets are.  NYPD police can hit their target two yards away 38% of the time. This figure lowers to 9% for targets that are 8 – 15 yards away. In the same vein, a paper on the Patrol Rifle from the Massachusetts Municipal Police Training Committee states that this training body also found that their officers had difficulties hitting targets beyond the 10 yard line with regularity using their service firearms.

Service firearms often mean revolvers or pistols. Since pistols only have the hands as their primary contact point, they are less stable when aimed. A tactical weapon like an AR15, on the other hand connects to multiple points in the user’s body, allowing for a more stable aiming. The barrel of a rifle also allows for a more natural target acquisition while a handgun requires more practice. A scope dramatically increases a tactical weapon’s performance in this department – something that tactical weapons are provisioned for.


Two armed robbers wearing bullet-proof vests committed a heist in North Hollywood in broad daylight in 1997. LA Police had a hard time in the ensuing 30 minute running gun battle because the shots fired from their pistols failed to penetrate the criminals’ armor. The tide only turned when the law enforcement personnel commandeered AR15s from a gun store and used them to neutralize the perpetrators’ protection. In this instance, the police got the sense to use tactical firearms to increase their firepower in order to restore public order and safety.

Aside from armor penetration, the firepower of tactical firearms can easily neutralize the numerical superiority of opposing forces. An officer armed with a semi-automatic rifle can take down multiple hostiles. The story would be different if the same police officer is armed only with a five chambered revolver.

Safety and Ease of Use

Tactical weapons are primarily engineered to be safe and easy to use. They can be light especially if they are made of polycarbon materials. Polycarbon tactical guns do not conduct cold and will serve law enforcement personnel operating in cold climates well since they don't freeze. They are also engineered by their manufacturers to have more manageable recoils. This key feature is what separates tactical shotguns like the Wilson Combat Border Patrol or the Mossberg 590A1 from the ordinary pump-action ones.

As far as public safety is concerned, the sight of a tactical firearm is already a threat deterrent in itself. The precision of the weapon, its ability to end the conflict with a single shot means that a gunfight does not need to last long. It is common knowledge that a protracted gun battle increases the risks of having civilians involved. Certain tactical rifles also use rounds that have less excessive penetration, meaning the bullets will not go through too many walls thus lessening the chances of hitting innocents in surrounding structures.

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