Sig Sauer P320: The Concept behind Its Striker-Fired Mechanism

Closeup of Sig Sauer handgun

Released in 2014, the SIG Sauer P320 is the company's answer to an increasing demand in striker-fired pistols, with specific consideration given towards the needs of police and military agencies.

Having been a pistol supplier to law enforcement agencies and the military for decades, Sig Sauer remains the unparalleled leader for those units that require a decocking pistol, but their clients and swiftly-evolving market required something more than the company's double-action only, hammer-fired pistols. The development of the P320 is Sig Sauer's answer to that demand: it is a model developed from the beginning as one that satisfies the specific needs of police and/or law enforcement entities.

Simply put, police officers do not use their weapons in the same way that civilians do. Their weapons are chosen based on the needs of their department as well as considerations of policy, ease of training, and efficiency and simplicity of maintenance and supply. In some cases, weapons are passed down to officers over the course of decades, and therefore must accommodate law enforcement entities from the short to the very tall, with differing hand sizes as well as abilities to control gun recoil and various calibers. They must be easy to clean and maintain, because very few agencies will do so for every single weapon, be it from a lack of resources for doing so or any other reason. One's aptitude and level of expertise at handling weapons also vary greatly from officer to officer. With all these factors, it can be said that duty pistols are chosen based on compromise, with versatility being the most desirable quality in a sidearm. Not so anymore, with the P320.

Sig Sauer opted for a removable-in force control system that can be taken apart within seconds without any tools: one simply removes the slide, turns the takedown lever and it comes right out. This allows that same control system to be paired with several grip frames to accommodate what best fits the user's hand, from small, medium, and large grip sizes.

This modular quality enables the user to find the best configuration for him or herself without compromising agency-specific standards. While an officer may not have to change grips or slides while off-duty, one that is promoted to detective only has to change their P320's grip and slide, shaving precious dollars off the overall price paid by the department. The P320 can also be reconfigured to meet most agency safety standards. Installing trigger safeties is a breeze for those units that might need them, where others can leave them off for a smooth metal trigger. There is also an available thumb safety should your department or agency's standards require you to have an external mechanical safety. Those that require a magazine disconnect safety can avail of that feature as well. The pistol also has an ambidextrous slide release.

The P320 is also one of the safest, easiest to maintain striker-fired pistols. Many agencies require that pistols have no need for their triggers to be pressed in order to disassemble it for cleaning. In the P320, you only need to remove the magazine and lock the slide back, then turn the takedown lever completely for the slide to come off. Disassembly and reassembly can be done in seconds.

Thanks to its versatility, modularity, and flexibility, the P320 is a solid choice for both civilians and law enforcement. The customizability of the pistol is unparalleled, and maintenance is a breeze while complying with agency safety standards. Sig currently offers the P320 in Full-Size, Carry, Compact and Subcompact models.

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