The Rugged Beauty and Functionality of Knives

A combat knife set on a steel gridKnives have been around for more than 2.5 million years, far much earlier than when modern humans began walking on Earth about 200,000 years ago.

Originally made from materials like rock, obsidian glass, flint, and animal bones, early knives were simple tools that were made by our early ancestors by pummeling the material repeatedly until it had its characteristic pointed and edged shape. The oldest of these tools were made during the period of the Oldowan, the prehistoric stone tool archeological industry which took place in much of east Africa from between 2.6 to 1.7 million years ago.

Later in history, people discovered how to shape metals and began making knives out of them. Copper knives appeared around 8,000 years ago, while bronze knives began to be used in Sumeria and other Near East cultures some 5,000 years ago. Around 3,000 years ago, iron knives became the preferred cutting tools in Anatolia and parts of the Near East.

Indeed, knives were humankind’s first tools. And the fact that the knife has retained its most basic form and function throughout the millennia only goes to show that it is a tool for which there is no substitute.

Knives have been essential to the survival of our species throughout its entire existence. They helped feed, clothe, and shelter our ancient ancestors, and they still do the same for us today. But aside from being an important tool and utensil, knives have also been a reliable combat weapon, allowing us to defend ourselves and our properties from various outside threats.

Due to their ubiquity and the important role they play in people’s daily lives, knives have always had a special bond with humankind. Throughout history and throughout the world, there have been many different kinds of knives that are unique to particular cultures. In medieval Japan, for instance, samurai warriors used to perform a ritual suicide known as “hara-kiri” using a special knife called “tantō.” In ancient England during the time of the Saxons, free men would never walk without a special knife called “scramasax” fastened to their belt, which indicated their important social status. In the jungles of Latin America, the “machete” is used to clear forest undergrowth and to cut through agricultural crops. It played a vital role in the building of the Spanish empire in the Americas.

Today, knives are still universally used as a tool, utensil, weapon, and sometimes even as a sports and recreational item. At GunCo Arms, we sell a variety of fixed blade, folded, and utility knives. We also offer a range of knife accessories for all your needs.

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