Keeping Children Safe from Guns

A father educating his son about gun safetyOur customers in Wichita Falls sometimes ask us, “how do you keep kids safe from guns?” It’s actually a very important question to ask, considering that even very young kids are capable of pulling the trigger in most firearms.

The home is at the very center of the polarized gun debate. On one corner, proponents of gun ownership say they have the right to carry guns in order to protect their home from intruders who could endanger the lives of their loved ones. On the other corner, opponents of gun ownership point at studies that reveal, for instance, how the presence of a gun in a house triples the chances of homicide and quintuples the chance of suicide happening in that residence.

The points presented by the gun debate belligerents notwithstanding, the Pew Research Center estimates that there are as many as 310 million guns in the United States today. That’s an incredible number of firearms, and we can only wish that they are all owned by responsible individuals. However, as evidenced by the shooting incidents that happened in our schools over the last few years—the cases that involve guns owned by the kids’ parents—it is clear that some gun owners still need to be educated about the importance of keeping children and teens safe from guns.

If one were to think about it, gun safety is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. Keep guns out of children’s reach is the most important advice a gun owner should take most seriously. A summary of our tips is listed below:

Always keep the gun unloaded.
Always keep a gun locked up in a gun safe.
Keep bullets locked away in a separate safe.
Secure the keys to the locked boxes.
Never leave a gun lying around and unattended.
Educate your child about the consequences of playing with or using a gun.
Let your child know that the guns shown on television and in the movies are not real.
Tell your child to leave immediately if another child pulls out a gun.
Older children can be educated about proper gun care and safety so that they’ll learn how to respect it.
However, if a child or teen is showing signs of depression, seek help from a mental health professional immediately.

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