Important Rules to Follow for Safe Gun Handling

A blurred person using a gunPeople can have a myriad of reasons for owning and carrying guns — from “personal protection” and “as hunting equipment” to “collecting them as hobby” or “using them for recreational shooting.” At the end of the day, however, responsible gun owners always make a conscious effort to ensure other people’s safety, as well as their own, whenever they have their gun with them, no matter what their reason is for owning the firearm.

In this article, we share with you some tips you can follow in order to ensure safe gun handling. 

First of all, know how to use the gun. You should be well-versed about the different parts of your gun in addition to being knowledgeable about their mechanisms of action.

Make sure that the gun is not malfunctioning in any way. Regular maintenance, cleaning, and inspection will reduce the likelihood of your gun becoming unsafe to operate.

Before inspecting a gun’s chambers, first engage the safety device and remove the magazine (if there’s any) before opening the action. Never attempt to inspect a gun if you are not knowledgeable about its workings.

Never load a gun with ammunition when it is not in use.

Use only the correct type of ammunition. Using ball bearing, pellets, cartridges, or shells in a gun for which they were not designed could cause your firearm to malfunction, and it could also result in serious injuries.

Always point the gun in a safe direction to prevent injury to yourself or to other people in the event that it goes off unintentionally.

Only put your finger on the trigger when you are ready to shoot. You can temporarily place your finger on the trigger guard to prevent yourself from accidentally pulling the trigger.

One important rule from the National Rifle Association is to always be aware of your target and what is beyond. Only shoot when you have identified the target without a shadow of doubt and if you are sure that there are no other people behind or beyond it.

Wear appropriate safety gear when using guns. Shooting glasses and ear muffs can prevent loud noises and shooting debris from causing you injury.

Don’t drink and shoot. Alcohol, or even medications, can affect your ability to focus while shooting.

Make sure that the gun is kept away from children and from other unauthorized individuals who may try to operate the firearm without permission.

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