Hunting Gear Checklist: What Do I Need to Bring?

young boy in hunting gear

When traversing in the outdoors to hunt for game, the first and foremost aspect you need to have properly prepared is yourself. Anything can happen while you are outside. Injuries, accidents, and the probability of getting lost are all significantly higher possibilities, and can be caused by numerous dangers such as the weather, the surroundings, and the existing wildlife in the location.

You must be able to protect yourself during disastrous situations and achieve your goal, whenever you are exposing yourself to the outdoor elements. However, this does not mean that you have to arm yourself to the teeth. 

Veteran hunters know that packing the right amount of gear will not only make them explore the terrain faster, but also enable them to enhance their survival skills even further.

If you are a novice hunter, do not fret. Here is a list of things you’ll need to make all your hunting trips successful, safe, and fun.

Before you proceed to the hunting site, you must have the proper license and registrations to do so. Hunting without these important documents is illegal and can get you into serious trouble. Always study the state’s hunting regulations annually, so that it becomes easier and faster to go to these hunting sites. Also, it is good to take hunting classes before you actually begin to hunt. These classes will teach the basic rules of outdoor survival and show you the proper ways to hold and fire a gun.

Emergency Preparedness Kit

There is no harm to always being prepared. However, dragging a large first aid kit will slow you down in the field. The smartest strategy is to always pack small and light. Essential first aid kit items like bandages, alcohol, and the like, come in small, easy-to-carry sizes. Tools such as flashlights and multi tools are also available in handheld sizes. The most important device you will need, however, is your cellphone. It is your lifeline and only way of contact hospitals, rescuers, and people who are far from your location.

Gearing Up!


The popular camo jacket and pants look not only conceals you from your target, but it also cushions you if ever you need to lie down on the ground to get a better aim of your target.


You may encounter walking through tough terrain such as marshes, rocky paths, and the like in certain hunting sites. Wearing inappropriate footwear will lead to many foot related injuries and infections. To avoid such situations, you must be wearing light, waterproof boots, which are made from durable material.


Hunting during the day is much easier because visually, you can see everything and anything within your line of sight. However, in certain times of the day, the sun can also be your own worst enemy. Too much sunlight will increase glaring and reduce your clear vision. Wearing a hat will easily remedy those problems.

Basic Armaments

You can’t go hunting without a weapon. However, the location and kind of target you are looking for will determine the right kind of gun you need to bring.

Guns and Ammunition

The fastest and easiest way to hunt is by using a gun. Guns come in different shapes, sizes and types, and have different effects on your targets. Some guns are also utilized as strategic factors in this type of sport.

Some of the guns that are used in hunting are:

 > Handguns

 > Rifles

 > Shotguns

Packing extra ammunition is good, too, because you cannot control the situation once you have fired upon your target.

Knife and Honing Stone

Whatever game you have garnered on that day must be killed and cleaned. You do not leave the carcass on the ground, because if you do, then why was it your intention to hunt?

Having a trustworthy knife will slice through any skin and tissue with ease, but if your knife is beginning to lose its sharp touch, use the honing stone to bring back its functionality.

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