How Does Smokeless Gunpowder Work?

A smoking shotgun barrel

Each time you fire your gun, you notice a whiff of smoke coming out at the end of its barrel. Now, although it is normal to see this substance rise from this area of your firearm, it is capable of significantly damaging your weapon. It is basic knowledge for all gun enthusiasts to know that in order to make every shot swift and sure, the gun needs to be in good shape. However, most firearms rely on gunpowder to power their weapons, and it is this material which can shorten the lifespan of your gun. Eventually, the residue that is left behind by the powder will interact with the chemical compounds of your weapon’s material, leading to damages like rust. Also, if you do not regularly clean your firearms, the gunpowder will obstruct the bullet’s passageway, marking the weapon ineffective and an unusable.

Historically, gunpowder – most especially black gunpowder – has proven to be difficult to work with. When soldiers fired their gun, a black smoke would arise from the tip of their guns, which would give away their position or create a black cloud, which reduced their visibility. During the battles that involved strong winds, the very same substance would blow into their eyes and nose, which would irritate them – making the soldiers vulnerable for a few seconds. Thankfully, a solution to this problem was created, and it is known as smokeless gunpowder.

What is Smokeless Gunpowder and How Does it Work?

Do not let the name fool you, because although it is called “smokeless” it does not necessarily mean that it is free from smoke. On the contrary however, it reduces the production of smoke when a gun is fired. When armies, back in the day, were able to get their hands on this material, it made it easier to have numerous guns fired because they would not have to worry about blocking their visibility. Today, guns that utilize smokeless gun powders will be able to avoid premature rusting, and fire accurately almost all the time.

This substance is able to do this because of its chemical mixture. Traditional black gunpowder is made of 55% solid products such as potassium carbonate, potassium sulfate, and potassium sulfide. Since these compounds are solid, they leave soot-like residue once they are burned. The compounds of smokeless gunpowder, on the other hand, are mainly gaseous. When these substances combust, it is highly unlikely that they will leave reside, thus keeping the barrels of your gun clean.

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