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The GunCo Arms Beginner's Guide to Buying Handguns

Your firsts always dictate if you’re going to wean off something or you’ll have a romance with it. And like many such firsts, getting your first handgun is a special affair. Let’s face it: guns can be intimidating. This impression alone can distract you from getting the right kind of weapon that is suited to your situation and your skill level. It can even make you walk away from the store and never get protection for yourself and your family through a weapon.

To help you make sense of what handgun to buy, Gun Co Arms gives you the following advice:

Before going to the store, do your research first.

Handguns merit respect because they allow you to protect or take a life. Take the time to know the terminologies associated with firearms like cartridge, calibre, and bullet. Interrogate your motivation for getting a firearm. This will also help you avoid impulse buying which always results in overspending at the gun store.

There is one right fit for you.

You might opt for a specific model because of the recommendations and rave reviews you’ve encountered for the product during your research. There isn’t a cookie cutter, best of the best handgun out there. Each gun is distinct with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. You may want that .38 caliber silver revolver, but if it’s too heavy for you, it will become a liability when you need to defend yourself. Find the one with the right weight first and see how it feels in your hands.

Go to the range or take a class.

Your first encounter with a gun doesn’t have to be the gun store. A range or a class is probably more ideal since you’ll be able to actually handle and fire the guns. You’ll be able to use different revolvers and pistols and see how they fit in your hands and check if you can handle their recoils. Is the standard issue .22 caliber right for you or can a .9 mm get the job done?

Consider the gun’s maintenance.

Guns have different maintenance levels. They come in different makes and materials and can withstand different levels of wear and tear. Get the gun that you can be comfortable cleaning and that you know is hardy enough for your use.

Buy new unit first.

It takes a seasoned gun owner to see quality when they scope out used guns. Some used guns have chequered histories. You may just inherit the problems these guns are saddled with. It is always wise to buy new if you’re a first time gun owner.

If you’re looking to buy your first handgun in the Wichita Falls, TX area, come to Gun Co Arms and we’ll personally guide you on acquiring the perfect pistol or revolver. Our friendly staff will guide you through the fine points of gun ownership and educate you on models like the ones from Kimber and on gun accessories and ammo. You can get in touch with us at our 940-341-2501 number and through the contact form on this page.

Let Gun Co Arms be the store that gives you your first handgun and we’ll be the last authority on guns you’ll need.