Gun Basics: How do Suppressors Work?

a rife fitted with a gun suppressor

Gun suppressors, which also known as silencers, perform only one function; it is to muzzle the sound of a gunshot. Why, you might ask? Well, for shooting practice purposes, firing live rounds can temporarily lead to hearing loss. In the military and police force, however, gun suppressors are a strategic asset when they are heading out to action. With this tool, policemen and marines can shoot their target without the danger of revealing their position.

How does it Work?

Gun suppressors do not “silence” the gun entirely; they just muzzle or “quiet” the sound of the gunshot. The sound of a gunshot can be irritating and deafening depending on where you are situated. There are three sounds a gun could make when it fires.

First: When the hammer of the gun hits the firing pin. When the hammer makes contact with the pin, it creates a metallic clicking sound which does not harm your sense of hearing.

Second: When the hammer hits the pin, it ignites the gun powder that is located in the gun barrel. This gun powder has been pressurized and when the pin hits the powder, it causes it to explode; thus, creating a sound that is much louder than popping a cork out of a wine bottle.

Third: The ballistic crack, which is similar to a jet plane’s sonic boom.

Gun suppressors deal with the second type of sound. When a gun suppressor is fitted on the barrel, it gives the gasses, which are created and released from the reaction of the gun powder, room to expand. It is able to do this because of its long and wide design. Without the suppressor, the normal decibel rate of a gunshot is around 160, which is enough to break your ear hearing tissues -- which does not regenerate. With gun suppressors however, they will reduce the decibel level by 20; therefore, making the gunshot sound like a whisper.

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