Choosing the Right Scope for Your Rifle

Soldier using the right scope

Enhancing the performance of a firearm is just one of the great things about being a gun enthusiast. With the numerous accessories, parts, and gear circulating in the market, aficionados are able to create and fashion their weapons to fit their personal tastes. However, picking out the right one that fits perfectly in your hands and your weapon can be quite difficult. This problem can also be encountered when you decide to purchase a new rifle scope.

The rifle scope should not be confused with gun sights because the former equipment provides some level of magnification while the latter does not. This item helps a lot of gun enthusiasts – especially those who hunt – because it helps them see their targets clearer, so that they can take an accurate shot. Though its design is simplistic, its function is impeccable, thus becoming one of the most sought after parts for both veteran and novice gun owners.

How to Choose A Rifle Scope

With the numerous rifle scopes available, choosing the correct one that suits your rifle, lifestyle, and shooting preferences can be a bit difficult. Sometimes, scopes that are priced higher do not perform as well as those that are under your budget. So when you go out hunting for a new rifle scope, consider looking into these following aspects:

Magnifying Power

Like what was said earlier, scopes aid shooters by magnifying the image of their target. When choosing the scope, you have to consider who or what your target is and the environment within which you are shooting. For example, soldiers need to have a powerful scope (around 1000 yards) so that they can shoot their enemies from afar without being detected. Seasoned hunters, on the other hand, usually do not need something that powerful, so a scope that can magnify 100 yards is usually fine.

Lens Size

The larger the lens, the wider is your field of vision. The size of the lens is important because it is what transmits the ambient light which helps you focus on an image. Bigger lens means that more light is being transmitted to your eye, therefore, producing a clearer image.


Recticles will help you aim and focus on your target, and tells you where the bullet will hit. There are namely three types from which to choose:

Duplex – The most common, and is characterized by a thin center crosshair, which thickens at the outer area of the scope.

Mildot – Its appearance looks like it has been influenced by the duplex recticle, but it has some subtle yet powerful enhancements. Unlike the duplex, the mildot has dots spaced along the rectile-lines which correspond to the specific angles that are measured in meridians.

BDC – Bullet drop compensator (BDC) allows gun enthusiasts to accurately aim and shoot in different target ranges without having to adjust the scope’s elevation setting.


There are two ways you can adjust your scope: the MOA or the MRAD system. The MOA stands for, Minute of Angle, and is associated with linear inches. This scope gives shooters a more precise zeroing thus suiting perfectly those who like shooting at long range. MRAD, on the other hand, stands for milradian and it represents a fractional section of an angle (1/1000th of a radian). Though it looks and sounds more complicated than the MOA, this type of scope is much simpler because it is used like a ruler.

Choosing the right rifle scope can be an exciting experience, but if you are still having trouble with finding the right one, contact GunCo Arms, and we will supply you the scope that perfectly fits your requirements. Our company also offers these various products:

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